My name is Pierce.  I originally started this website under a different name when I was in my senior year of high school. I had taken creative writing courses, but used this as a living archive for anything I wrote.  On occasion I’ll still use my free time to write, whether it’s new poetry, song lyrics, or just whatever comes to me.  I decided that outside of having an archive of sorts that I wanted to actually be able to share the poetry with other people.

Most of the pieces I write are based on my own thoughts, feelings, and observations of the world around me.  Though there’s mostly love poetry on the site, I still try to base the words on real feelings, or at least real people.

As I write new poems i will start them all off with an * providing an explanation of when the poem was written, or what the purpose is for what it’s trying to convey; just so you get a feel of what was going on in my head as I wrote it.

I have a tendency to take lengthy breaks where writing is concerned. Though writing is a passion of mine, it’s taxing for me sometimes because the emotion needs to be real in order for me to like the works enough to post them for others. I will periodically take long breaks from this site sometimes, and I will periodically update the site dramatically at other times. I hope you still enjoy the content.

All of the poems I write will be posted onto a singular main page, but they will be categorized by a general topic. (love poems under love for example)  To better sort them, just click the category.  All poetry that I post is my own work, unless state otherwise. The poetry is arranged by category.  Click the category for the type of poem that you want to read and go through the archives to select particular poems.

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