4 AM

*About someone you slowly think of more and more each night. You’re steadily falling fast for them and you don’t know how they feel.*

I lie awake hoping you think of me.
Nights pass where I don’t know what you can see.
I wish for more than just these dreams of you.
4 Am and I don’t know what to do.
I want to sleep, but I’m so lost in thought.
You bring a happiness that can’t be bought.
When I think of you my mind is at ease.
Thinking of you makes me weak in the knees.
Each night I’m just wishing you could be here.
You make all of my worries disappear.
I hope I can one day capture your heart.
But sometimes it feels like we’re worlds apart.
Each night I hope to find you in my sleep.
I’ve fallen for you and this love burns deep.

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