A Plea

*About someone you don’t think you can have.  Someone who is a great fit but brings a lot of issues.  There is potential, but there is risk. It’s about asking that person to throw away the risk because you think it will last and that any problems or issues that could arise aren’t important, because that person is important enough to you to make the rest of the world not matter. A plea to make them see things the same way.*



It seems like the same routine each and every night.

I lie awake motionless with my head in the clouds.

I reflect on so much, but then I see our face.

The way you smile makes me start to shake.

The motion returns to me when I think about you.

My heart beats faster than my body can contain.

It feels like I’m exploding at these thoughts.

It will never happen.

Too much would be staked.

What I could want I could never have.

A future.

One with you.

You alone.

Perfection in my eyes.

You leave me spellbound when I just hear your voice.

The sweet sounds could be nothing and you would have me wrapped.

Come cast your spell on me.

I would give so much to make it work.

To have you how I should.

The way you deserve.

The way I deserve.

Soul and Heart.

We would be one together.

Together we’re perfect.

Apart we’re a mess.

Holding you close would be all that I’d need.

That sense from you.

That feeling of love when I look in your eyes.

It’s all I’d need, and I want it so bad.

The routine never changes, but I offer a plea,

To possess your heart, and to have your caress.

To hold you under the stars when I’m in this distress,

To show you what you really mean to me,

To love you the way I wish you’d love me.

You are the flames that stoke my heart to burn.

You are the radiance in a dampening world.

You are the one for my heart and soul.

I don’t care about the risks.

I don’t care what I’d stake.

As long as I breathe, my heart is yours to take.

I’m lost without you here to hold.

But when you’re mine, my love will always be bold.

Because in my vision, you are perfection to behold.

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