A Real Lie

*About longing for someone who you think is too good for you. When you talk to them it feels like a dream and you don’t want it to stop.  But realistically you don’t see it working out for you because of issues you see that don’t really have anything to do with them.*


I’m still waiting to wake up from this lie.

Just waiting to finally say goodbye.

My life is a still frame when you are near.

I’m spellbound by love but consumed by fear.

A fear that you won’t return how I feel,

That a future for us could not be real.

There is just way too much that could go wrong.

Too many problems for me to stay strong.

And not a single one to do with you,

Because you’re perfect in all that you do.

I am in heaven when I see your face.

My heart can’t keep up with this endless chase.

I don’t know a way I could want you more.

You are the one I will always adore.

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