A Reason

*Someone worth fighting for who reminds you that there’s good in the world when you feel hopeless. They’re your source of strength when you feel weak. But it’s bittersweet because you prevent yourself from being with them in the process.*
I’m in agony like I always seem.

Nightmares keep me from having a true dream,

A dream in which you’re in my arms held tight,

Where each ounce of time feels perfectly right.

I choke on the very air that I breathe.

I’m full of love but can’t help but to seethe.

I’m left in pain because you aren’t mine.

I’m left pretending that I will be fine.

When the walls close in I’m thinking of you,

No matter what hell I seem to go through.

But I fight through it all because of hope,

Because you give me a reason to cope.

In a world of pain you’re worth fighting for,

The kind of treasure I’ll always adore.

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