A Time to Die, A Time to Live

*I found these very recently. It’s two separate poems that were linked together. Wrote them actually about this time 6 years ago while in the writing classes, but never used these for class.  The first 4 stanzas are “a time to die” and the second 4 are “a time to live”. They were two separate poems and are the way they are right now because it was the order they were written.  “The Clairvoyant” is the name of the song the poem titles came from.

The sound of silence,

Creeping like Death’s own shadow,

Life’s true paradox.

Darkness is some friend.

The kind that abandons us,

Taking us away.

We can’t stop our fate,

Death is our sad destiny.

At least Heaven comes.

Something saves us all.

Makes our mortal world seem small,

Dios Salva.

Love in our own hearts,

Overtaking emotions,

Action and the thrills,

The consequences,

The shaping of all our lives.

The beauty in it.

Pride, Love, Unity,

The code to our existence,

The need to survive.

The meaning of life,

To find love and remembrance,

Shown by existence.

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