All I Want

*For this one I decided to write a love poem based on a few people and just what I would say if the extra feelings were there for any of them.  A lot of people just don’t deserve what they have to deal with, what they go through, or what they put themselves through, and this is sort of a message about that.*


In this bitter night I long for your grace.

The world seems so small when I see your face.

I care for you more than you are aware.

The tears in your eyes bring me great despair.

All I want is to see your loving smile.

All I want is to hold you for a while.

You deserve the stars, the sun, and the moon.

The thought of you could make any man swoon.

You deserve to feel like the queen you are.

Your heart shouldn’t have such a burning scar.

Your smile alone could make a cold heart warm.

You are perfection in its truest form.

I will always try to do right by you.

I’ll love you no matter what you’ll go through.

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