* It’s about someone you always think of. The person who comes to mind when you’re up at night and they just always seem to put a smile on your face any time they’re brought up in conversation or every time you read a message from them.  They’re almost too good to be true and there has to be some kind of catch because they’re just that great to you. *


Gazing into the stars, my desire grows.

My mind follows wherever my heart goes.

It leads me to you as each night goes by.

These thoughts of you lift my heart to the skies.

Such happy thoughts take me far from this place.

Your perfect smile sends my heart into space.

I couldn’t deserve an angel so pure.

I’m captive to your heavenly allure.

I miss you when I look out to the moon.

I hopelessly pray I can see you soon.

I ache for you during these endless nights.

I dream for this love to take on new heights.

I hate all this time that we spend apart.

You’re a true angel controlling my heart.

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