*About someone you don’t even hide your feelings around. They act possessive about you but can’t seem to admit that they feel the same way. You’re just venting at them telling them how you feel.*

What else did you really expect of me?
Did you think I would wait to be set free?
You’ve already broken those binding chains.
You’ve already released me from these pains.
I know what I want and you’re all I need.
I just don’t see why you cannot concede
What is it that stops you from giving in?
Isn’t it clear what I feel from within?
I stop in my tracks when I look at you.
A grin is forced by all things that you do.
My pupils grow when I look in your eyes.
I’m speechless because without you love dies.
No matter what, you’re all I can think of.
The only one who could be worth my love.

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