*About loving someone you have a tendency to get distant with. Not because of anything they do but because you put walls up since you don’t know how to handle the emotions. You’re scared you’ll forget how they make you feel or how they’ve made you feel but they’re always in the back of your mind and when you think about them it gets more intense.*

My world is perfect when I see your face.
Without you things seem like they’re out of place.
It’s easy to forget how love can feel.
But when we’re together it becomes real.
Your presence releases my tattered soul.
When I see you my soul feels like it’s whole.
When we’re apart I’m trapped in an abyss.
But together I finally know bliss.
The amnesia I gain is all I fear.
Forgetting just who I truly hold dear.
When you’re out of sight you fall out of mind.
A sliver of thought makes my heart rewind.
The distance makes me almost forget you.
But seeing you ignites feelings anew.

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