* About someone you care about and miss. It mentions them being gone because you just think about them a lot, they’re not out of your life. You didn’t lose them. You would fight their battles for them if you could because you would love to be with them and be there for them, no matter what that would entail.*

I look out the window hoping you’re there.
A divine girl like you is truly rare.
You’re who I think of when I fail to sleep.
If I lost you my heart would always weep.
It’s hard to function on some of these days.
I miss the warmth of your beautiful gaze.
Sometimes I fear that you’ll never come back.
Life without you would be bitter and black.
Your caring heart can set my soul alight.
When you’re around everything is alright.
I would sink myself to keep you afloat.
I’d be the anchor when storms hit your boat.
In these dreary nights you’re all I think of.
I just want to give you all of my love.

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