Another Night And You’re Still Far Away

*The title being taken from the first line is a reference to another poet.  This is about someone you have a failed relationship with.  It keeps you up at night and you reflect about it.  Sometimes there’s distance with this person afterwards, real or imagined.  But you’re still crazy about them, and you want it to work even if it doesn’t look like it will in your head.  They’re still what you want. You want them to feel the way they make you feel when they’re on your mind.


Another night and you’re still far away.

Another restless time I’m left awake.

This pattern repeats with every day.

My heart has done nothing by cry and ache.

Without you by my side nothing seems right.

This passionate love refuses to die.

I wake from dreams wishing I held you tight.

Instead, the tears come and I’m left to cry.

Even when you’re near you still remain far.

With real distance my heart is torn apart.

I long to show you how special you are.

It’s right that you hold the key to my heart.

Each night I stay up, you’re all I think of.

Despite the odds, you’ll always have my love.

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