Beautiful Disaster

*creative writing class.  I know the title was from the song with the same name.  It’s a 311 song.  The lyrics don’t go with this poem though. About a girl who rejects you a lot but who you can’t help but be drawn to.*


She is such a beautiful disaster.

When I see her, I get lost in her eyes.

When I’m near her, she feels like my master.

Even if she rejects all my tries.

I’ll convince her my love is real and true.

Her mahogany eyes have me spellbound.

I want her to feel love, so through and through.

I want her to know how she spins me ’round.

Around her, my heart breaks its ball and chain.

I feel perfect when she alks on past me.

When she’s gone, I feel nothing but pure pain.

When I’m near her, it’s where I want to be.

I’ll win her heart no matter what it takes.

She’ll feel my love and know that its not fake.

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