*About someone who takes you out of dark places and reminds you that you’re not really alone. They set you free and always will. You feel invincible because you’re together.*

Since we met you’ve held the keys to my heart.
Time without you only tears me apart.
I was lost until you set my love free.
I only want you to be here with me.
Your presence alone is all that I need.
The sound of your voice reminds me I’m freed,
But I’m mesmerized by the sight of you.
I’m spellbound no matter what I’m put through,
Because in the end we’ll be together.
Two made as one like birds of a feather.
We’ll spread our wings and take to the blue skies.
I will be yours forever as time flies.
You’re the perfection I’ve always dreamt of,
An earthbound goddess who deserves true love.

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