Black Heart

*About wanting someone whose better than you that you still have chemistry with. You have your flaws (but accept them) and they seem flawless. They have you charmed even though you’re normally more guarded than other people. You just want them to be with you despite any consequences.*


Guess I’m the sort of demon that you need.

Come with me so your desires are freed.

There’s a sliver of heaven in your face.

Enough to make a black heart pound and pace.

No deal with a preacher could save my soul,

But your undying love could make me whole.

Just say yes and let’s grow this burning fire.

You’re the only one I’d ever admire.

A true angel without any scabbed wings,

Perfection that could pull anyone’s strings.

I have none but I’m still under your spell.

You’re the one I trust to free me from hell.

Take me to the heaven I see in you.

Just say yes and you’ll know my love is true.

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