Black Widow

*I was listening to the Alice Cooper song “Poison”, and that’s where I got the idea for some sort of poison/venom motif, but this one’s about just hoping it works out with someone.*


In these black nightmares you are the white light.

You’re the cure to the poison that drains me.

You’re the black widow saving me at night.

These thoughts of you are the venom that frees.

You’re the antidote that heals blackened hearts.

I need the healing poison of your love.

Your gorgeous beauty had me from the start.

This web of love is all I can think of.

I’m helplessly aching for your sweet kiss.

I always long for the taste of your lips.

Your spellbinding stare freezes me in bliss.

I hopelessly wait for your swaying hips.

The glory of your love will break these chains.

You’re all I need to erase all the pain.

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