Brown-Eyed Girl

*creative writing class, from what I remember I don’t think this was about anyone. I really hope I’m right. I was 18 when it was written so the teenage part still fits. I was definitely single when I wrote it so I have that much going for me on being right about this.*


I knew it from the first time I saw you,

You’d be hard to win, but you’d be worth it.

You captivate me with all that you do.

When I’m around you, my heart never quits.

Tall and lean, dark brown eyes, and dark brown hair.

You are perfection to these teenage eyes.

No one else’s beauty even compares.

When you leave, it makes my heart want to cry.

When you return, though, I’m stunned by your sight.

It took me four years to get you to see.

We’ve come a long way from our childish fights.

I’m just happy to say you notice me.

You are a perfect beauty on display.

I truly hope you never go away.


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