Chocolate Eyes

*Some inspiration from the song and the ending couplet was inspired from a song called “Oh Lord” by the band Foxy Shazam….some inspiration from someone I actually have never talked to….it’s kind of awkward*

Your spellbinding stare rips right through my soul.

If you were mine then my life would be whole.

I can’t look away from your piercing gaze.

Those chocolate eyes leave me in a daze.

In the misty morning fog I see you.

I’m quietly spellbound by what you do.

You’re my secret Eve tempting me so much.

I wish I could have your sweet loving touch.

I fear you see just another Devil.

I want to be on par with your level.

Your bright radiance is a holy sight.

Your doe-like eyes leave me lost in their light.

God knows I’ve had enough of these rough years.

With you I’d move on away from these fears.

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