Brunette Dreams

*Someone whose existence feels like a dream. She’s captivating and always has been. For the last part I wanted to throw in the doe-like eyes bit again, and I realized I have so many poems that mention black hair, blondes, and red hair, and didn’t have much for a brunette…So I felt like I had to address that.*


Is your love truly as real as it seems?

I thought these feelings were the stuff of dreams,

Dreams I would never want to awake from,

Dreams that beat my heart louder than a drum.

I guess my dreams of you are truly real.

I taste heaven with how you make me feel.

That surreal taste is all that I could need.

You make me feel like a prisoner freed,

Freed from a prison of my own making.

My heart is only yours for the taking.

You stole it from the moment we first met.

I always did have a spot for brunettes.

With your striking, dark hair and doe-like eyes,

You instantly shot my heart to the skies.

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