*This was written a few months ago around Christmas time.  It was actually a gift. It took some time to write but I had fun doing it.

Your radiance is unmatched and divine.
Your perfection would even make God weak.
Your love makes me feel our hearts are entwined.
My soul melts when I hear your sweet voice speak.
I envision the joy of your sweet kiss.
Your soft touch sends butterflies through my heart.
The thought of your smile gives me perfect bliss.
Your stunning beauty is a work of art.
I lose myself when I look in your eyes.
My heart flares up when I capture your gaze.
Your bella eyes send my heart to the skies.
The flames of our love make my heart feel dazed.
Sweet goddess you mean everything to me.
You are the goddess of my perfect dreams.
Thoughts of us together set my heart free.
When I’m with you nothing is as it seems.
You make my heart stop when you catch my sight.
When you lay in my arms the world feels pure.
You bind my essence with your perfect light.
I’d give the world to make you feel secure.
You have given me the glory of love.
I’ve been star-crossed since the arrows first hit.
You’re more stunning than the angels above.
When I’m graced by your love I feel unfit.
No one deserves the heaven that you give.
My heart cries for you when you’re far away.
I will love you for as long as I live.
My heart lives for you every night and day.
A life with you would be the greatest boon.
With every word you tell me my heart sings.
Even the thought of your love makes it croon.
Your soft skin and warm touch give my soul wings.
I want to give you perfection in life.
Dreams of this pleasure always fill my head.
Without you my heart is in constant strife.
I will love you long after I am dead.
My soul will love you from the clouds beyond.
This eternal desire will never end.
Nothing in existence can break these bonds.
I’m so grateful to have such a godsend.
My love for you is a limitless fire.
You’re the goddess of my ageless desire.

2 thoughts on “Butterfly

    1. It started as a sonnet than I just got carried away….that pretty much does cover it, lol. I wrote the whole thing thinking I would end with a couplet for the 13th and 14th lines but then I kept coming up with more and decided I would just combine every quatrain and leave the couplet at the very end. Bella is Italian for beautiful, it was the best way I could think of to put that in there.

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