*Someone you’re into who seems to be too scared to take the next step. It doesn’t really make sense that they’re that way to you because you feel like you should be the one nervous about it instead. There’s nothing wrong with them.*

What paralyzes you when we connect?

Do you see someone I’d want to reject?

There’s a reason I don’t stray from your eyes.

Do you think it’s all just another guise,

Or are you just scared of finding some bliss?

I’ll change your mind after our first kiss.

You act hypnotized but I’m struck by you.

Stop being scared that it will just fall through.

You’re why I haven’t been sleeping at night.

My visions with you keep shining on bright.

Time feels eternal when you gaze at me.

I stand there frozen but my heart feels free.

There’s no reason for me to run away.

When I’m with you I only want to stay.


*When someone seems too good to be true and you question what you’ve done to deserve it.*

Loving you feels like a slow suicide.

I’m waiting for the feelings to subside,

To know infatuation isn’t more.

But I can’t bring myself to shut that door.

What if this is when I’m finally wrong,

And I no longer sing the same torch song?

There’s just something about the words you say,

Something about how you brighten each day.

But I feel like my efforts are in vain.

Because in the end I’ll be left with pain.

Disappointment that I can’t overcome.

Yet you still have me wrapped under your thumb.

You are everything I want to dream of.

But what have I done to deserve your love?

Different World

*Falling for someone from a different world. Feeling helpless because it’s not realistic, but you would change the world itself to make it real because they complete you.*

I sometimes wish for a different world.

One where you don’t leave me tattered and whirled,

Where for once things would start to make some sense.

Where maybe just once there’d be no suspense.

Two of us free from the constraints of time,

Where blissful reality is no crime.

Even close together we’re worlds apart,

But you’ve stolen every beat of my heart.

In my darkest days I’d still breathe for you,

No matter what world I’m supposed to view.

Because in the end you’d be here with me.

And that’s all I need to ever feel free.

To be with you my soul would fly away.

But I will remain caged until that day.

Heavy Fire

*About the worry that you’ll never be good enough for someone.*

My heart has been under heavy fire.

It feels like it’s time for me to expire.

There’s hopelessness every time you come near.

A sense of dread I can’t help but to fear,

A weakness that seems to consume my soul,

A worry you’ll leave my heart in a hole,

Like somehow I wouldn’t be good enough,

That you won’t see a diamond through the rough.

It feels like I’m in an endless nightmare,

And I’m stuck thinking if you even care.

And here you’re all I can ever think of,

Still the only one I could want to love.

Will this hell turn into heaven for me?

Or am I doomed to never be set free?


*Someone you want to be with that wants to be with you, but you’re both unsure if it can last. It drives you crazy because you can feel all the tension they do. You want it anyway.*

I can feel the fractures in every word.

I can read your thoughts as the lines get blurred.

I see the split emerging in your mind,

The doubt you have in us being entwined.

It’s been consuming me during each night,

Constantly questioning what could be right.

Do you believe in destiny my love,

In the great things you’re always dreaming of?

Or is there nothing but darkened despair?

Would it be perfect or just a nightmare?

I see the longing and fear in your eyes,

The hope of bliss and worry of demise.

I see the walls that I want to break through.

Nothing else matters when I am with you.

A Reason To Try

*Being happy and intensely focusing on someone. Realizing that those feelings aren’t going to change because someone is finally worth it to you.*

It’s the same thing each time I lie in bed.

You’ll never be the one to leave my head.

Visions of you are all that I can see.

Perfect fantasies that set my heart free.

A time when we are together as one.

Feelings that burn like an exploding sun.

Passionate flames of an endless fire,

You will always be my true desire,

The one I want during the worst of time,

The one who makes me feel truly sublime.

Seasons may change but not all feelings die.

Sometimes a heart needs a reason to try,

A reason to fight through all of the pain,

A reason to give in to love’s new reign.


*Someone who just overwhelms you whenever you think of them.*

Sometimes I wonder if time’s on my side,

Then your smile takes my heart for a joyride.

It’s like another plane when I see you.

Feelings I can’t handle from what you do.

In a free fall I don’t want to escape,

Where these words flow with the wind like a cape,

Better than any set that I could write,

While life for once would feel perfectly right.

There’s only heaven where your eyes should be,

And only perfection when you’re with me.

And all I could want is for you to stay.

I wouldn’t have it any other way.

You’re the only one I want to dream of.

The only one who makes words out of love.


*About wasting your time with someone who doesn’t deserve you. Realizing you only saw the good or what reminded you of someone else, and that they really were imperfect to the point you shouldn’t have overlooked anything. Someone else would deserve you, but not the real them.*

It wasn’t you when I looked in your eyes.

It just took me too long to realize,

I was looking for someone else’s soul,

Trying to capture what would make me whole.

Every night I saw someone else’s face.

You’re not good enough to make my heart race.

Imperfection isn’t always beauty.

Not everyone can deserve my duty.

Only someone special is right for me.

A type of person you could never be.

I thought things were perfect when I had you,

But you weren’t worth the hell I went through.

You’re poison that could have torn me apart,

Unlike someone who would deserve my heart.


*Feeling like you just don’t exist around someone you’re a clear match for, and waiting for the right time to just go for it, then getting sick of waiting and doing something about it.*

I feel like a ghost each time you come near,

But without you is how I disappear.

Invisible no matter how it seems.

I feel like a spectre even in dreams,

Waiting idly for you to notice me.

Hoping your eyes open and you can see,

That I offer you something truly real.

Happiness you never knew you could feel,

The sole missing piece to complete your heart,

The cure to keep you from falling apart.

I am everything you could ever need,

Just waiting for the chance to plant the seed.

Waiting for the moment to make you mine,

But that isn’t far when tonight is fine.


*About playing people and loving every second of it. Decided to switch it up since I have a lot about getting played instead of being the player on here.*

Maybe I want sanctuary from life?

Some escape from all of the daily strife?

Maybe it depends on the beholder?

But I love the devil on my shoulder.

It doesn’t matter when you’re all the same.

Another name is just another game.

Another piece for me to find and play.

I wouldn’t have it any other way.

You can keep spinning it like it’s sleazy,

But you always make it so damn easy.

It’s only torture you put yourself through.

While I have a million others like you.

My words are honey that you get to taste.

Too bad on you they’re nothing more than waste.