*Having an internal monologue about how you feel, and then finally telling them when they’re actually next to you.*

When I see your face I can’t help but smile.

I’m comforted by the sound of your voice.

I only wish you could stay here awhile.

You in my arms would always be my choice.

I know happiness just thinking of you.

When you smile I know what heaven feels like.

Whenever I need it you’re right on cue.

When I think of you I feel my heart spike.

Sometimes I’ve felt like I should run away,

But I would rather hold you in my arms.

In the heat of the night we’ll dance and sway,

Without a care for the morning’s alarms.

Yes, I’ll never let go of you tonight.

When we’re together everything is right.

The View

*about longing for someone who makes your world feel special*

When you look at me I feel my heart race.

I’m caught in a spell I just can’t escape.

I’m weak at the thought of a first embrace.

Gazing in your eyes makes my dreams take shape.

Your doe-like eyes send me to paradise.

I can touch heaven when I see your smile.

I never thought that I could feel so nice,

But next to you this world becomes worthwhile.

All I could want until the end of time,

Is you in my arms with your lips on mine.

To make it real I would make any climb.

Anything to make our hearts entwine.

Until that day I’ll just enjoy the view.

Visions of a future where I’m with you.


*About missing someone you love and have to be separated from. The struggle to deal with the isolation while social distancing, because all you want is to see the person who makes you whole. And how they get you through it.*

As the world stands still you’re all I think of.

Am I selfish or do I simply care?

Night falls and all I do is look above.

It feels hard not to give in to despair.

All I want is to see your glowing face.

In solitude I’m losing track of time.

The longer we’re apart, the more I race,

Thinking of you as I hear the windchime.

Good spirits haven’t followed with the breeze.

Thoughts of seeing you are what set me free.

I’ve been longing to put your mind at ease.

In this disrupted world you’re all I see.

No matter the time that we’re kept apart,

You’ll always be here with me in my heart.


*Seeing someone at the start of New Year’s and picturing starting a new journey together.*

The clock strikes midnight and the sky glimmers.

Once again it’s time to start things anew.

When I see your face, hope starts to shimmer.

I see our start when I look at you.

You set off fireworks inside of my heart.

The sound of your voice sets my soul alight.

You’re more priceless than any work of art,

With a perfect smile that always shines bright,

And beautiful eyes that leave me spellbound.

The butterflies you cause fill me with hope.

It’s your heart that makes me want you around.

At this point, I’m yours in an envelope.

I’m sealed shut and waiting to be set free,

To start a new journey where you’re with me.


*When you’re thinking about someone and unsure about how they feel. Thinking you’re sure about how you feel. Not knowing what they want.*

Most nights I’m just not quite sure what to think.

I look out the window and hear your voice.

It sounds close yet far but never in sync.

The words I hear don’t seem to be your choice.

I wonder if I’m only wasting time.

Or if time just means you’ll be by my side.

With mountains between us, I want to climb.

I just hope you’ll come along for the ride.

I feel chemistry but we’re worlds apart.

I want to know if you feel the same spark.

That voice in the night is holding my heart.

My own words seem to echo in the dark.

I’m restless and don’t seem to have a clue.

Another night and I’m thinking of you.


*I was reading some Plath quotes even though she isn’t someone I’m normally that into. This is a twist on my typical writings with inspiration from the quotes and from Lady Lazarus.*

Seeing your face fills me with desire,

With hopes of what might kill me in the end.

Love worth throwing myself in the fire.

A love that makes a damaged heart ascend.

I expected nothing but feel it all.

All I want is to cling to this feeling,

Writhing in sweet pain waiting for your call.

I’m wounded but you make it appealing.

When we first locked gazes you took my soul.

I questioned every aspect of my life

Without you by my side I can’t feel whole.

Without you I can only dwell in strife.

I never thought I would fall into you.

My heart is yours for all we will go through.

The Chase

*About wanting someone who already has you right where they want you. It’s not a hunt. You were already hunted. You’re just waiting for them to act on the feelings between the two of you. It’s the end of the chase where you’re waiting for the catch to respond.*

Every time I see you I see much more.

Your bright glistening eyes make my heart soar.

When I look at you I see potential.

Winning over your heart feels essential.

I smile every time that I see your face.

You’re the type of catch that I want to chase.

When you’re nearby I can’t put on a front.

Maybe I’m the prey in this crazy hunt.

When you speak I feel ensnared in a trap.

I struggle speaking as feelings unwrap.

I’m after you, but you’ve already won.

All that’s left is for you to aim that gun.

Just pull the trigger so our hearts entwine.

All I want is for your love to be mine.


*About slowly falling for someone, then falling hard when you finally realize what’s happening to you. You don’t want anything else. What you wanted was right there this whole time.*

I’ve been suppressing these thoughts for too long.

They awaken each time I see your face.

The sound of your voice can soothe every wrong.

Just reading your name can make my heart race.

My chest keeps pounding when I catch your gaze.

It feels like the steady beat of a drum.

The thought of you sends me into a craze.

You’re not trying, but I’m under your thumb.

I guess the butterflies learnt how to fly.

They’ve been trapped too long in an empty shell.

They’re free to illuminate the night sky.

My soul is set to stay under your spell.As I drift asleep I start to feel free.

All I can imagine is you with me.


*Someone you’re into who seems to be too scared to take the next step. It doesn’t really make sense that they’re that way to you because you feel like you should be the one nervous about it instead. There’s nothing wrong with them.*

What paralyzes you when we connect?

Do you see someone I’d want to reject?

There’s a reason I don’t stray from your eyes.

Do you think it’s all just another guise,

Or are you just scared of finding some bliss?

I’ll change your mind after our first kiss.

You act hypnotized but I’m struck by you.

Stop being scared that it will just fall through.

You’re why I haven’t been sleeping at night.

My visions with you keep shining on bright.

Time feels eternal when you gaze at me.

I stand there frozen but my heart feels free.

There’s no reason for me to run away.

When I’m with you I only want to stay.

Fire Woman

*Someone whose a bad idea, and you really don’t care because it’s what you both want anyway. Trying to convince them to go all-in. She seems innocent to anyone else but you know how she really thinks. There’s a few song references that were intentional. The song the title matches was the original inspiration.*

Little devil let me near your fire.

You’re my one and only true desire.

A fire woman lighting my heart up,

With faux innocence within your makeup.

The two of us know what you really need.

Let your feelings burn so you can be freed.

We’ve waited for a moment for so long.

Together is where we truly belong.

I know how to complete the way you feel,

So let’s get lost and let life be surreal,

Let’s give in and let the flames burn brighter.

I want to be your final igniter,

The one to light you like a burning sun.

I will love you better than anyone.