The View

*about longing for someone who makes your world feel special*

When you look at me I feel my heart race.

I’m caught in a spell I just can’t escape.

I’m weak at the thought of a first embrace.

Gazing in your eyes makes my dreams take shape.

Your doe-like eyes send me to paradise.

I can touch heaven when I see your smile.

I never thought that I could feel so nice,

But next to you this world becomes worthwhile.

All I could want until the end of time,

Is you in my arms with your lips on mine.

To make it real I would make any climb.

Anything to make our hearts entwine.

Until that day I’ll just enjoy the view.

Visions of a future where I’m with you.


*When you’re thinking about someone and unsure about how they feel. Thinking you’re sure about how you feel. Not knowing what they want.*

Most nights I’m just not quite sure what to think.

I look out the window and hear your voice.

It sounds close yet far but never in sync.

The words I hear don’t seem to be your choice.

I wonder if I’m only wasting time.

Or if time just means you’ll be by my side.

With mountains between us, I want to climb.

I just hope you’ll come along for the ride.

I feel chemistry but we’re worlds apart.

I want to know if you feel the same spark.

That voice in the night is holding my heart.

My own words seem to echo in the dark.

I’m restless and don’t seem to have a clue.

Another night and I’m thinking of you.

Fire Woman

*Someone whose a bad idea, and you really don’t care because it’s what you both want anyway. Trying to convince them to go all-in. She seems innocent to anyone else but you know how she really thinks. There’s a few song references that were intentional. The song the title matches was the original inspiration.*

Little devil let me near your fire.

You’re my one and only true desire.

A fire woman lighting my heart up,

With faux innocence within your makeup.

The two of us know what you really need.

Let your feelings burn so you can be freed.

We’ve waited for a moment for so long.

Together is where we truly belong.

I know how to complete the way you feel,

So let’s get lost and let life be surreal,

Let’s give in and let the flames burn brighter.

I want to be your final igniter,

The one to light you like a burning sun.

I will love you better than anyone.

Different World

*Falling for someone from a different world. Feeling helpless because it’s not realistic, but you would change the world itself to make it real because they complete you.*

I sometimes wish for a different world.

One where you don’t leave me tattered and whirled,

Where for once things would start to make some sense.

Where maybe just once there’d be no suspense.

Two of us free from the constraints of time,

Where blissful reality is no crime.

Even close together we’re worlds apart,

But you’ve stolen every beat of my heart.

In my darkest days I’d still breathe for you,

No matter what world I’m supposed to view.

Because in the end you’d be here with me.

And that’s all I need to ever feel free.

To be with you my soul would fly away.

But I will remain caged until that day.

Helplessly Hoping

*Found recently….From the old creative writing class, it was a prompt where we were supposed to rewrite the lyrics to the Crosby, Stills, & Nash song, incorporate the original, and put our own spins on it. From 2009.*

Helplessly hoping.

Her foolish lover hangs around her.

Waiting for her to speak,

To offer a glimpse of personality.

He wishes he could fly to her,

But all he can do is trip at the sound of her good-bye.

Wordlessly watching,

He waits by the window and wonders,

Why he’s so whipped.

He heartlessly helps himself to her bad dreams.

He takes on her worries, her problems, her fears.

Their love makes one person.

Separate they are two alone.

Their love creates and makes them three together.

They are for each other.

Stand by the stairway and you’ll see something.

The harlequin lovers who know the truth,

That love is made through helplessly hoping and wordlessly watching,

Through believing and admiring,

And being for each other, believing in one another, and embracing the role of lovers.


*Someone who just overwhelms you whenever you think of them.*

Sometimes I wonder if time’s on my side,

Then your smile takes my heart for a joyride.

It’s like another plane when I see you.

Feelings I can’t handle from what you do.

In a free fall I don’t want to escape,

Where these words flow with the wind like a cape,

Better than any set that I could write,

While life for once would feel perfectly right.

There’s only heaven where your eyes should be,

And only perfection when you’re with me.

And all I could want is for you to stay.

I wouldn’t have it any other way.

You’re the only one I want to dream of.

The only one who makes words out of love.

Me Duele Tanto

*When you were happy and the other person broke your heart for you to pick up the pieces.*

These games do nothing for us but cause pain.

Our tears just fall like they’re torrential rain.

Where is the glow that I’ve seen in your smile?

I haven’t seen it in such a long while.

I miss how your face could appear aglow,

But now ay amor, me duele tanto.

It hurts to even look into your eyes,

To think you could be capable of lies.

I keep wondering if it’s all just me.

But this torture is all that I can see,

The happiness that you have thrown away,

And the perfect love that you’ve led astray.

Before I could never see us apart,

Now I’m left to pick up a shattered heart.

Black Heart

*About wanting someone whose better than you that you still have chemistry with. You have your flaws (but accept them) and they seem flawless. They have you charmed even though you’re normally more guarded than other people. You just want them to be with you despite any consequences.*


Guess I’m the sort of demon that you need.

Come with me so your desires are freed.

There’s a sliver of heaven in your face.

Enough to make a black heart pound and pace.

No deal with a preacher could save my soul,

But your undying love could make me whole.

Just say yes and let’s grow this burning fire.

You’re the only one I’d ever admire.

A true angel without any scabbed wings,

Perfection that could pull anyone’s strings.

I have none but I’m still under your spell.

You’re the one I trust to free me from hell.

Take me to the heaven I see in you.

Just say yes and you’ll know my love is true.

Cold Hard Bitch

*Wanting someone who seems to tease you about the possibility. It’s sarcastic, not angry. It kills you but a part of you knows you’ll be together eventually. It was going to be about just an unrequited love, but then I started listening to song and decided to change it up.*


How much enjoyment do you get from this?

Torture in the form of thwarting a kiss.

Making me want what I can never take.

Making the very core of my soul quake.

Feels like you’re tossing my heart in a ditch.

I should expect it from a cold hard bitch.

But for some reason I keep on trying,

Guess I don’t mind that my heart keeps dying.

Just locking your gaze is all I could need,

But what it makes me want leaves me to bleed.

I can’t help that you’re all I can think of.

Even the coldest needs the warmth of love.

I don’t know how but one day you’ll be mine.

I long for when our hearts will entwine.

Déesse de Rêves

*This is another set that was meant to be used for song lyrics, but I decided to cut it up a little bit and post it. About someone who seems to just exist in your wildest dreams. It’s a little over 3 years old at this point. Partially inspired by a person at the time but mostly inspired by a great song about someone beautiful enough to obsess over, but unobtainable. If I ever recorded this with the right tempo the song inspiration would probably end up turning out to be too obvious. The working title for the song was just Déesse, but since Ma Déesse is a different poem I ended up writing, this one’s re-titled to be Goddess of Dreams.*

In the misty morning sunlight,

Your face is such a pretty sight.

Take me away my magic woman.

Take me away ma jolie femme.

Take me away ma belle déesse.

Déesse avec cheveux châtain,

Tell me I’m the only one.

Déesse avec yeux marron.

The only love I’ve ever known.

I see your face in all my dreams.

I feel you there every time I breathe.

I hear your voice in the Autumn wind.

My love for you will never dim.

The flames consume my very soul.

When you’re around I’m finally whole.

Déesse avec cheveux châtain,

Tell me I’m the only one.

Déesse avec yeux marron.

The only love I’ve ever known.

You’re the girl of my fantasies.

Je t’aime déesse of my wildest dreams.

You’re all I need, so come to me,

Fulfill my soul, and set me free.

Déesse avec cheveux châtain,

Tell me I’m the only one.

Déesse avec yeux marron.

The only love I’ve ever known.