*Being captivated by someone who makes the world worth living in*

When I look in your eyes the world stands still.

Pain and sorrow dissipate with your smile.

Earth and its elements bend to your will.

I’m frozen in time, if only awhile.

When I hear your voice all my worries fade.

Every thought of you feels like a sweet dream.

Each word you speak is a sound heaven made.

Each word brings comfort that makes my soul beam.

I’m spellbound by any photo of you.

Time stands still but you make my heart fly free.

On days I’m defeated, you make me new.

Your warmth calms the chaos inside of me.

You make me safe more than words could convey.

Each second with you makes a perfect day.

Build Back Better

*Voting in 2020*

We’ve come too far from where we started from.

In so much darkness we must be the light.

Onward together we must beat the drum.

We’ll make our voices heard and win this fight.

With love and peace we will walk with the wind.

We will march joyfully and spread the faith.

We will be asked where we were as hope thinned.

We’re the ones to find justice for the wraiths.

We fight for the people, with open hearts,

To build the Beloved Community.

Through compassion we’ll keep doing our parts,

To restore the nation towards unity.

We’ll vote for hope and a new hierarchy,

For a restored soul, without malarkey.


*About missing someone you love and have to be separated from. The struggle to deal with the isolation while social distancing, because all you want is to see the person who makes you whole. And how they get you through it.*

As the world stands still you’re all I think of.

Am I selfish or do I simply care?

Night falls and all I do is look above.

It feels hard not to give in to despair.

All I want is to see your glowing face.

In solitude I’m losing track of time.

The longer we’re apart, the more I race,

Thinking of you as I hear the windchime.

Good spirits haven’t followed with the breeze.

Thoughts of seeing you are what set me free.

I’ve been longing to put your mind at ease.

In this disrupted world you’re all I see.

No matter the time that we’re kept apart,

You’ll always be here with me in my heart.

For The People

*I was reflective last night, thinking back on an uncertain piece I wrote about the worries and division about the current occupant’s inauguration. I decided to do this as a counter to that. Seeing Kamala Harris as the candidate I believe in after thorough vetting. The references here are mainly to things she’s said, things in her campaign, and the meaning of her name. There are a few other things referenced you may catch as well.*

Looking in the glass only brings despair.

A real resistance needs a call to arms,

Not through a show of force or thoughts and prayers,

But through the right leader with unique charms.

Only detachment can break division.

Unity is achieved through hope and joy.

We need courage, justice, and a vision,

To march onward rather than burn like Troy.

We have a chance to show who we all are,

To tell the world that we’re better than this.

We’re more than puppets of a paper tsar.

The road to victory is paved through bliss.

For the people, the lotus brings rebirth.

A path to heal is a fight that has worth.

The Chase

*About wanting someone who already has you right where they want you. It’s not a hunt. You were already hunted. You’re just waiting for them to act on the feelings between the two of you. It’s the end of the chase where you’re waiting for the catch to respond.*

Every time I see you I see much more.

Your bright glistening eyes make my heart soar.

When I look at you I see potential.

Winning over your heart feels essential.

I smile every time that I see your face.

You’re the type of catch that I want to chase.

When you’re nearby I can’t put on a front.

Maybe I’m the prey in this crazy hunt.

When you speak I feel ensnared in a trap.

I struggle speaking as feelings unwrap.

I’m after you, but you’ve already won.

All that’s left is for you to aim that gun.

Just pull the trigger so our hearts entwine.

All I want is for your love to be mine.

Fire Woman

*Someone whose a bad idea, and you really don’t care because it’s what you both want anyway. Trying to convince them to go all-in. She seems innocent to anyone else but you know how she really thinks. There’s a few song references that were intentional. The song the title matches was the original inspiration.*

Little devil let me near your fire.

You’re my one and only true desire.

A fire woman lighting my heart up,

With faux innocence within your makeup.

The two of us know what you really need.

Let your feelings burn so you can be freed.

We’ve waited for a moment for so long.

Together is where we truly belong.

I know how to complete the way you feel,

So let’s get lost and let life be surreal,

Let’s give in and let the flames burn brighter.

I want to be your final igniter,

The one to light you like a burning sun.

I will love you better than anyone.


*When someone seems too good to be true and you question what you’ve done to deserve it.*

Loving you feels like a slow suicide.

I’m waiting for the feelings to subside,

To know infatuation isn’t more.

But I can’t bring myself to shut that door.

What if this is when I’m finally wrong,

And I no longer sing the same torch song?

There’s just something about the words you say,

Something about how you brighten each day.

But I feel like my efforts are in vain.

Because in the end I’ll be left with pain.

Disappointment that I can’t overcome.

Yet you still have me wrapped under your thumb.

You are everything I want to dream of.

But what have I done to deserve your love?

Different World

*Falling for someone from a different world. Feeling helpless because it’s not realistic, but you would change the world itself to make it real because they complete you.*

I sometimes wish for a different world.

One where you don’t leave me tattered and whirled,

Where for once things would start to make some sense.

Where maybe just once there’d be no suspense.

Two of us free from the constraints of time,

Where blissful reality is no crime.

Even close together we’re worlds apart,

But you’ve stolen every beat of my heart.

In my darkest days I’d still breathe for you,

No matter what world I’m supposed to view.

Because in the end you’d be here with me.

And that’s all I need to ever feel free.

To be with you my soul would fly away.

But I will remain caged until that day.


*About someone who induces panic attacks in you because you don’t know where things are going next with them.*

I start to tremble when you’re in my head.

Every thought keeps me awake in my bed.

The sweat starts to drip as my body shakes.

The panic settles in while my mind breaks.

Your hands hold what’s left of a fractured heart,

While I think of what hasn’t torn apart.

You hold the key but it can turn both ways.

Will you lead me out of this hellish maze,

Or will I stay stuck inside of this cage,

Stuck in between bliss and untethered rage?

I’m left in a daze but I can still see.

But I still wonder if I’ll be set free.

I feel the machine guns within my chest.

Will you be the one, or just like the rest?


*Someone you want to be with that wants to be with you, but you’re both unsure if it can last. It drives you crazy because you can feel all the tension they do. You want it anyway.*

I can feel the fractures in every word.

I can read your thoughts as the lines get blurred.

I see the split emerging in your mind,

The doubt you have in us being entwined.

It’s been consuming me during each night,

Constantly questioning what could be right.

Do you believe in destiny my love,

In the great things you’re always dreaming of?

Or is there nothing but darkened despair?

Would it be perfect or just a nightmare?

I see the longing and fear in your eyes,

The hope of bliss and worry of demise.

I see the walls that I want to break through.

Nothing else matters when I am with you.