A Time to Die, A Time to Live

*I found these very recently. It’s two separate poems that were linked together. Wrote them actually about this time 6 years ago while in the writing classes, but never used these for class.  The first 4 stanzas are “a time to die” and the second 4 are “a time to live”. They were two separate poems and are the way they are right now because it was the order they were written.  “The Clairvoyant” is the name of the song the poem titles came from.

The sound of silence,

Creeping like Death’s own shadow,

Life’s true paradox.

Darkness is some friend.

The kind that abandons us,

Taking us away.

We can’t stop our fate,

Death is our sad destiny.

At least Heaven comes.

Something saves us all.

Makes our mortal world seem small,

Dios Salva.

Love in our own hearts,

Overtaking emotions,

Action and the thrills,

The consequences,

The shaping of all our lives.

The beauty in it.

Pride, Love, Unity,

The code to our existence,

The need to survive.

The meaning of life,

To find love and remembrance,

Shown by existence.


*Honestly I’m not sure where the idea came from to start doing this but I liked how I started off the poem and wanted to continue the theme of different weather-related things for a full sonnet.*


Your love is a tornado in my soul.

It’s the cycle of storms that make me whole.

Your love spellbinds me like a lightning bolt.

It shocks my heart like an electric jolt.

Your love is like the rain cleansing my heart.

Without you the deluge tears me apart.

Your love is a hurricane in my mind.

The absence of you leaves my heart behind.

Your beauty is the sparkling sunlight.

Your disapproval is the cold dark night.

Your acceptance is the calm summer breeze.

Your indifference is a harsh blizzard’s freeze.

You are the elements of love and strife.

You’re the four constant seasons of my life.

I Am Samael

I Am Samael

I am the reaper of the darkest fields.
I am the face you wish to have concealed.
I summon waves to sink your precious towns.
I am the eyes that watch your children drown.
I am the Fallen Arch, watching your lands.
I am the storm that shifts the desert sands.
I am the Abyssal One, Creeping Death.
I am Esau’s Guardian, Yahweh’s breath.

Why do you doubt my immortal power?
Why do you not run in fear and cower?
Did you not see me pass the doors of blood?
Did you not see the armies die in floods?
Have you not seen my might stretch for great lengths?
Why do you question my soul slaying strength?
Do you not see death with your mortal eyes?
Do you not fear your own hellish demise?

I am the ferryman you pay your life.
I am the Angel of eternal strife.
I lord over souls as the Prince of Air.
You may foolishly doubt me if you dare.
I will come for you in the fog of night.
You’ll quickly perish in my divine light.
I’ll come under light of the star-dogged moon.
Then you’ll learn the gift of life is a boon.

Stages of Life

* poem I wrote for my ap lit class as an alternative to the actual assignment.  About every stage of life from birth until death: a lot of haiku strung together. *

Stages of Life

Crawl into the light.
Open up your newborn eyes.
Grow into a life.

Experience life.
Learn from your environment.
Grow up over time.

Increase your burden.
New drama surrounds your life.
Grow through your troubles.

Be responsible.
Your life is altered by choice.
Grow through college life.

Live out all your dreams.
Define your life’s real purpose.
Grow through your choices.

Older, settled down.
Reflect on how life has been.
Grow into wisdom.

Retired and relaxed.
Realize your mortality.
Grow into new life.

Return to Life

*This was a poem written for my Creative Writing class.  It was Spring, so our prompt was to simply write about the season of Spring.*

Return to Life

Songs of life’s wonder,
Music to fill up the skies,
Birds chirping again,

The trees are swaying,
The flowers are all in bloom,
Nature is rising,

Nice weather returns,
The chill and frost of winter,
Becomes memory,

Seasons are shifting,
The world becomes inviting,
People enjoy life,

Death takes vacation,
New life rises from the frost,
Happiness returns.

Life In Chaos

*These are 3 cinquains that tie in together about life.  The deeper meaning is that life comes out of chaos, but is also destroyed by chaos.*


Rain falls,
It comes down fast,
A bad flood overtakes,
The earth is covered and is drenched,
Sun shows


Sun shines,
The blaze is bright,
Life blooms around the world,
The sun makes flowers blossom near,
Life grows


Guns roar,
Bullets pass by,
Soldiers lie on the ground,
Mortar fills the air in the sky,
Life dies.


*This is a poem I wrote for a Religion class (I go to a Catholic high school).  It’s a combination of a couple cinquain-formatted poems strung together. One for each season.*

Birds chirp,
Flowers blossom,
The weather becomes nice,
Life shows signs all around in nature,
Nice times,

School’s out,
People have fun,
The weather becomes warm,
People relax and live their lives,
Still nice,

Leaves fall,
Weather’s changing,
The wind has become brisk,
School starts for the children again,
Time flies,

Snow blows,
Ice covers earth,
Frost chills life to the bones,
Weather slows down life around us,


*this is a poem from the creative writing class…the prompt was to write about a place that means a lot to you that you like a lot, I wrote about two places and combined it to one because they are similar…Two jetties down the Jersey shore… One is in Cape May near a Marianist Retreat House.  The other is in a location between Briggantine and Atlantic City that is really easy to miss…It’s an amazingly relaxing area…so the poem’s simply called Jetty..its a string of haikus*


Waves all crashing,
Moving the sand around,
A Perfect mixture,

I stand on the rock,
The world around me stands still,
Between two beaches,

The bridge is behind,
The cars don’t know what they miss,

The rare passerby,
Doesn’t notice what he has,
Dumb ignorance,

Heaven on the earth,
Plain, as crashing waves on rocks,
Waves all crashing.