*Having an internal monologue about how you feel, and then finally telling them when they’re actually next to you.*

When I see your face I can’t help but smile.

I’m comforted by the sound of your voice.

I only wish you could stay here awhile.

You in my arms would always be my choice.

I know happiness just thinking of you.

When you smile I know what heaven feels like.

Whenever I need it you’re right on cue.

When I think of you I feel my heart spike.

Sometimes I’ve felt like I should run away,

But I would rather hold you in my arms.

In the heat of the night we’ll dance and sway,

Without a care for the morning’s alarms.

Yes, I’ll never let go of you tonight.

When we’re together everything is right.

The View

*about longing for someone who makes your world feel special*

When you look at me I feel my heart race.

I’m caught in a spell I just can’t escape.

I’m weak at the thought of a first embrace.

Gazing in your eyes makes my dreams take shape.

Your doe-like eyes send me to paradise.

I can touch heaven when I see your smile.

I never thought that I could feel so nice,

But next to you this world becomes worthwhile.

All I could want until the end of time,

Is you in my arms with your lips on mine.

To make it real I would make any climb.

Anything to make our hearts entwine.

Until that day I’ll just enjoy the view.

Visions of a future where I’m with you.


*About missing someone you love and have to be separated from. The struggle to deal with the isolation while social distancing, because all you want is to see the person who makes you whole. And how they get you through it.*

As the world stands still you’re all I think of.

Am I selfish or do I simply care?

Night falls and all I do is look above.

It feels hard not to give in to despair.

All I want is to see your glowing face.

In solitude I’m losing track of time.

The longer we’re apart, the more I race,

Thinking of you as I hear the windchime.

Good spirits haven’t followed with the breeze.

Thoughts of seeing you are what set me free.

I’ve been longing to put your mind at ease.

In this disrupted world you’re all I see.

No matter the time that we’re kept apart,

You’ll always be here with me in my heart.


*I was reading some Plath quotes even though she isn’t someone I’m normally that into. This is a twist on my typical writings with inspiration from the quotes and from Lady Lazarus.*

Seeing your face fills me with desire,

With hopes of what might kill me in the end.

Love worth throwing myself in the fire.

A love that makes a damaged heart ascend.

I expected nothing but feel it all.

All I want is to cling to this feeling,

Writhing in sweet pain waiting for your call.

I’m wounded but you make it appealing.

When we first locked gazes you took my soul.

I questioned every aspect of my life

Without you by my side I can’t feel whole.

Without you I can only dwell in strife.

I never thought I would fall into you.

My heart is yours for all we will go through.

The Chase

*About wanting someone who already has you right where they want you. It’s not a hunt. You were already hunted. You’re just waiting for them to act on the feelings between the two of you. It’s the end of the chase where you’re waiting for the catch to respond.*

Every time I see you I see much more.

Your bright glistening eyes make my heart soar.

When I look at you I see potential.

Winning over your heart feels essential.

I smile every time that I see your face.

You’re the type of catch that I want to chase.

When you’re nearby I can’t put on a front.

Maybe I’m the prey in this crazy hunt.

When you speak I feel ensnared in a trap.

I struggle speaking as feelings unwrap.

I’m after you, but you’ve already won.

All that’s left is for you to aim that gun.

Just pull the trigger so our hearts entwine.

All I want is for your love to be mine.

Helplessly Hoping

*Found recently….From the old creative writing class, it was a prompt where we were supposed to rewrite the lyrics to the Crosby, Stills, & Nash song, incorporate the original, and put our own spins on it. From 2009.*

Helplessly hoping.

Her foolish lover hangs around her.

Waiting for her to speak,

To offer a glimpse of personality.

He wishes he could fly to her,

But all he can do is trip at the sound of her good-bye.

Wordlessly watching,

He waits by the window and wonders,

Why he’s so whipped.

He heartlessly helps himself to her bad dreams.

He takes on her worries, her problems, her fears.

Their love makes one person.

Separate they are two alone.

Their love creates and makes them three together.

They are for each other.

Stand by the stairway and you’ll see something.

The harlequin lovers who know the truth,

That love is made through helplessly hoping and wordlessly watching,

Through believing and admiring,

And being for each other, believing in one another, and embracing the role of lovers.


*Libertas is the Roman embodiment of liberty which the Statue of Liberty is based on. I wanted to capture the uncertainty of the nation. Questioning what comes next.*

Smiles fade away in the twilight hours.

A nation divided stands primed to fall,

From grace that was never truly ours.

Uncertainty and injustice for all?

Do we give in to the gloom of the grave,

And let bleak spirits continue to sink?

Or rise above like the banner did wave,

Far away from inequality’s brink?

Do we soar like eagles into the sky?

Or will we be prey for a growing bear?

Is the light of Libertas a war cry,

Or a symbol to snuff out like a flare?

Will love conquer in the land of the free, 

Or division from sea to shining sea?

Tear You Apart

*Getting infatuated with someone then just wanting them more and more. The song influenced the second half of it.*

One look and you control my beating heart.

One whisper and my soul is torn apart.

Butterflies feel like a hurricane’s wind.

Love takes over like my mind has been pinned.

Seeing you makes me want to hold you close,

To want to treasure you like a red rose,

To make you feel as precious as you are,

To let this love burn like a shooting star.

Started as a crush but it became more.

It’s only you that I truly adore.

I won’t let it pass when I know what’s right,

Us together with you being held tight.

One whisper back is all I want to say.

To tear you apart like you do each day.


*About giving up on someone because your selfrespect is worth more. Wasting time with someone who feels like a vampire, telling them to go waste someone else’s time or get their act together because they’d probably be worth it in the future, but not now. If you understand the unrelated song reference, you’re my new best friend.*

Guess I was made to love something broken,

Where my words might be better unspoken.

I’m sick of the sadness masking your face.

Despair that won’t vanish with an embrace.

I’ve seen enough blood drip down from my neck.

I’ve spent too much time feeling like a wreck.

Find another soul to fulfill your lust.

Go find someone else and shatter their trust.

Not lonely but I’d be better alone,

Instead of you dancing on my gravestone.

Over time some people will see the light.

But sometimes things just aren’t worth the fight.

A small bit of love can go a long way.

Give yours to yourself ’till another day.

Waiting for Rainbows

*About loneliness. Waiting for something to work out like how you’ve thought things would work out before with other people. And being sick of waiting.*

I’m waiting for a rainbow that won’t come,

For brighter shades in a world full of gray.

For feelings I’d enjoy when I succumb.

For a ray of light in a darkened day.

I’d take anything to ease all the pain,

To erase all the pictures I can see.

Images of you burn inside my brain.

The flames free you but they isolate me.

I’m alone in the darkness of my mind.

Thinking of what I can’t have in this life.

My head feels tattered and my heart confined,

Like my soul’s been slit by a hunting knife.

Waiting for a rainbow that’s overdue,

In the form of love I can start anew.