Caught Somewhere In Time

*It’s about wanting someone you can’t have whether it’s because they’re in another relationship, they have no interest, or you just can’t bring yourself to do something about it yet, and how it consumes you every second and builds up the more you’re around the person.  The title is taken from a completely unrelated song.*


When you walk by my heart races faster.

This longing for you brings such disaster.

I’ve never had so many restless nights.

But this love brings my heart to greater heights.

I can’t stand that I can’t just make you mine.

I get lost just watching your beauty shine.

I’m biding my time for one simple chance.

All I need is one to give you romance.

With each passing second I love you more.

You’re the perfect woman that I adore.

As minutes pass by you’re all I think of.

As hours end I get lost in this love.

Years seem to pass as I gaze in your eyes.

Winning your heart would be the perfect prize.


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