*About someone who makes you feel things you never felt before. Whatever you had in the past wasn’t real or at least not this strong. You feel how you should, you aren’t just thinking things are okay when they aren’t.*

I’m consumed by desire when you’re near,

A sense of longing that feels too severe.

I never knew that I could feel this way,

That I could miss you this much everyday.

There is no one else I’d rather adore.

As each night passes I ache for you more.

I feel bliss in every beat of my heart,

And an endless longing when we’re apart.

I never knew love before I met you,

Only charades I could never see through.

My eyes would show what I wanted to see,

But I was a prisoner you set free.

With a smile and gaze you melted these chains.

Your perfection took away all my pains.

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