Cinnamon Girl

*About someone whose free spirited and interesting. They catch your attention very well but they have an attitude to go with everything you love about them, except you love their attitude too. It makes them unique and you see them as a fun challenge. You’re crazy about them and you feel like she’s just toying with you because of how well she seems to know your every move. The song gave me the idea for what theme I wanted to go with. Other inspiration was surprisingly easy for this one though.*


Maybe you’re really a cinnamon girl.

Immaculate looks that glow in the moon.

An attitude that takes me for a whirl.

But when I see you I can’t help but swoon.

I think of those lips so spicy and sweet.

And the rhythmic ways your body can sway.

Winning your heart would be a mighty feat.

But your temper flares like a bird of prey.

You would be a challenge that I’d enjoy.

Someone to spark the flames within my soul.

But you use my heart like a plastic toy.

And I hopelessly want us to be whole.

Winning your love is a truly tough test.

But you are a goddess above the rest.

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