Cold Hard Bitch

*Wanting someone who seems to tease you about the possibility. It’s sarcastic, not angry. It kills you but a part of you knows you’ll be together eventually. It was going to be about just an unrequited love, but then I started listening to song and decided to change it up.*


How much enjoyment do you get from this?

Torture in the form of thwarting a kiss.

Making me want what I can never take.

Making the very core of my soul quake.

Feels like you’re tossing my heart in a ditch.

I should expect it from a cold hard bitch.

But for some reason I keep on trying,

Guess I don’t mind that my heart keeps dying.

Just locking your gaze is all I could need,

But what it makes me want leaves me to bleed.

I can’t help that you’re all I can think of.

Even the coldest needs the warmth of love.

I don’t know how but one day you’ll be mine.

I long for when our hearts will entwine.

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