*About someone who acts like they don’t feel the same way. Wondering why they like to torture you when they know what you want. When you look at them the connection is there despite being pointless. You want to force a change in destiny and be together.*

I see your reflection in the crystal.

Pure calmness in the sights of a pistol.

Waiting for a bullet to pierce my skull,

As my feelings for you are simply null.

They slowly shatter like pieces of quartz,

With unlimited reflections of sorts.

I feel the cold barrel in your finger,

Wondering why you still let me linger.

Do you like seeing this fractured mirror?

What remains as my thoughts become clearer.

I feel helpless in the palms of your hands.

Like a tumbleweed drifting in the sands.

When we lock eyes I already know fate.

I’ll cut the threads and make you my soulmate.

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