* It’s about wanting someone you shouldn’t, someone who comes off as bad, but everything feels right and you don’t care enough to stop it.*


I can’t break free from your cyanide eyes.

The venom in your gaze consumes my soul.

Your metallic beauty is my demise.

This poison would finally make me whole.

You’re a demon damning this corrupt life.

I’ve tried it all but I can’t turn away.

There’s a strange heaven in all of this strife.

You leave me helpless with these games you play.

I’ll succumb to the venom if you wish.

You’d only be that temptress in my dreams.

All my confusion seems to be your dish.

It’s so easy to be lost in your gleams.

The feelings you give me make me insane.

You’re the cyanide riding through my veins.


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