*from the class- We had a few days where our class went over to the dance class and talked to people in the class.  Everyone was assigned to a different person, and we either wrote about them or were supposed to write something inspired by the class itself.  I wrote this about the girl I was assigned to, partially because I wanted to one-up one of my friends in the class, and I knew it would go over well in the class.  I actually don’t remember who I was assigned to, it wasn’t a girl I ever really talked to or cared to get to know.  I just wanted to one-up other people with how detailed I could make this.*

My world comes to a stop when you take flight.

Your grace and beauty make a perfect sight.

Long blonde hair twirling as you spin around.

You have me awe-struck, my heart tightly wound.

From the start I became lost in your eyes.

All was fallen when you started to fly.

You make this silent night perfect to me.

You were hesitant, but you set it free.

Your movement had my heart starting to sing.

You moved with grace as you flew without wings.

When you started moving, I fell in love.

A perfect sight, prettier than a dove.

You’re a goddess who has me mesmerized.

I want you to feel how I feel inside.

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