Dancin’ In The Moonlight

*creative writing- I was thinking of the Thin Lizzy song with the same name when I wrote this one.*

Imagining myself with you tonight

Walking with you, enamored by your light.

I see the moonlight reflect in your eyes.

They’re prettier than the stars in the skies.

We’d dance under the light of the full moon.

Angels would sing out your favorite tune.

My world would freeze in this moment of time.

With You, there’s no mountain my heart can’t climb.

I think about you all night and all day.

I’m enamored by you in ev’ry way.

You’re a heaven sent angel of my dreams.

I get lost in your eyes, the way they gleam.

Others don’t get why you’re my perfect dove.

They’re all jealous ’cause we’re young and in love.

2 thoughts on “Dancin’ In The Moonlight

    1. Awesome! My class schedule doesn’t really allow it right now but if you want me to help with anything or come to Holy Cross, I can probably do something over my winter break or around finals in early/mid December. I have about 6-7 more sonnets from your class I’m going to put up later tonight.

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