Dealing With You

*Watching someone devalue what they’re worth, when you’re crazy about them. You want to win them over and they don’t see how frustrating it is. To you they’re perfect. To them, they’re the opposite.*

It feels repetitive talking like this.
I’m at a loss for words dealing with you.
You deserve nothing but eternal bliss.
Not more of the hell you put yourself through.
You could send anyone’s heart to the skies.
It just takes a smile or your loving gaze.
I could look for hours into those eyes.
But you make each interaction a maze.
If love were a test I’d get a bad mark.
Because I can’t make you see what you’re worth.
When you’re around the world isn’t so dark.
You’re the essence of heaven on this earth.
If you’d permit me I’d give you my love.
You’re already all I’d ever dream of.

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