Deja Vu

*This one takes heavy influence from someone but isn’t true in describing how I feel about the person, just thought it would be a cool idea to write about.  Realized part of the way into it that it strongly suggested a completely different person than who I intended so one of the lines that I threw in is a very obvious hint to the real inspiration’s identity if you catch where I might’ve gotten the line idea from.*


Seeing you sends a shock wave to my heart.

It’s been so long and we’ve grown far apart.

Your stunning beauty gives me deja vu.

I look at what I could’ve had with you.

I’m a faded memory in your eyes.

When I see you now my heart slowly cries.

I remember your number on the wall.

Now when I see you, your beauty beats all.

As time fades away, people slowly change.

This reconnection makes me feel so strange.

We’ve gone through changes since we’ve parted ways.

I hope to see you in the coming days.

I’ll win your heart with true love and romance.

All I want is to have another chance.

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