Despite The Odds

*Confessing how you feel to someone who can probably figure it out already. Words and actions aren’t enough to show it, you’re just grateful they exist. You think they’re perfect and you would do anything for them.*


You’ve figured it out by now haven’t you?

These meaningless words I struggle to speak,

All the acts of love that I try to do,

Despite facing odds that appear so bleak.

You hear my true thoughts in all of my words.

Endless words that fill infinite pages.

Despite the lonely view I share with birds,

I feel passion that could outlast ages.

When we’re together time itself is still.

I’m grateful to even look in your eyes.

Each smile you make gives my heart a new thrill.

Your radiance makes my weary soul rise.

You’re perfection I’m lucky to observe.

I would give you heaven like you deserve.

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