*Basically saying let’s give in to passion and what we want, but also saying there’s potential for something that can last, and asking the person to stay through the bad and not just the good.*

Explode me in an unending desire.
Leave me in ashes consumed by your fire.
A detonation of your flowing love.
Set off like a blitz pouring from above.
Give me a shot to remember you by,
But don’t make me have to say a goodbye.
Stay with me through the thunder and the rain,
Through calm winds and violent hurricanes.
Stay for the rainbows and the sunny days.
For the unknown beyond the morning’s haze.
For the magic of a bright starry night.
To spellbind me with your radiant light.
Let’s make a future and bury the past.
Let’s light the fuse for a love that will last.

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