Devil’s Daughter (Love in Flames)

*About falling for someone you shouldn’t. Someone tempting who shouldn’t be tempting to you. It kills you because you know they’re toying with you. They’re probably aware of how much they make you crazy. She has a weird innocence about her despite being so “evil”. The last two lines are in German….I was listening to a German song that mentions the color of rose.  The last two lines are meant to say “Red …. the color of blood, flame, and love. Your will is my way, as it is written in flames.” *

I’ve never met someone so agonizing.

I’ve never met someone so seductive.

What kills me is you’re not even trying.

Yet you’re still killing me softly.

You make temptation seem like just another game.

I choke just trying to get out your name.

You’re a demon with the soul of an angel.

Inner beauty guiding external seduction.

We could be together in hell and you would make it a heaven.

You seduce me with your innocent eyes.

But it’s the wordplay that really gets me.

The tension I can feel when you speak.

You make me want to set my desires free.

Let’s get lost in lust and lose ourselves in flames.

You’re the Devil’s daughter and I want you all the same.

I want you in so many ways.

A succubus with a killer touch.

The epitome of evil lust.

But I’m spellbound by you like you intended.

Rot….Die farbe des blutes, flamme, und der liebe.

Ihr wille ist meine Art, wie es in flammen geschrieben.

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