*This one’s about loving someone far away and just wanting a time to come where they won’t be that far because they’re always what’s on your mind or what you’re dreaming of.*


Out the window I shoot a weary gaze.

These thoughts control me in so many ways.

As the night comes I feel tears in my eyes.

As memories fade my heart slowly dies.

Without you here my heart always cries out.

A fading heart struggles to even shout.

The more I miss you, the worse it all feels.

The taste of your lips always felt surreal.

My heart aches for days we won’t spend apart.

The distance between us tears at my heart.

I long for the nights I can stay with you.

This distance is worse than hell to go through.

As days go by you’re all I can think of.

When you’re here with me I’ll give you my love.

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