Does She Really Know?

*About someone you’re crazy about. You’ve been like it for a long time, and you think you’re obvious, but there’s a lingering sense of doubt that she gets it.  She either misses every sign right in front of her, or you think she knows and doesn’t care. You can’t read her. It’s frustrating but she’s worth the wait, despite all the frustration it causes you.*


There comes a point when you run out of ways.

Expression is hard to properly show.

Simple moments turn into days and days,

And you ask yourself, “Does she really know?”

Does she really know how my words ring true?

Does she know what she really means to me?

Does she even care what she puts me through?

Could she ever believe we’re meant to be?

I’m growing weary of these restless nights.

Sick of feeling frozen somewhere in time.

She may be the reason I think love bites.

But everything about her is sublime.

Though her answer could always be “Never”,

To win her heart I would wait forever.

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