Drowning in Poison

*About spending a night getting drunk alone and just thinking about someone who won’t leave your mind while you’re in no shape to talk to them.*

The strongest booze can’t wipe you from my brain.
You stick to me like the cool Autumn rain.
I drown myself but you refuse to leave.
I want to say your name each time I breathe.
I sit here sipping the poison alone.
I’m praying for when you become my own.
On Halloween night I feel like a ghost.
Nights like this are when I think of you most.
I question if you know that I exist.
Being yours would be too tough to resist.
In the lonely hours I dwell on you.
I just sit and hope my message comes through.
I would give you the world to earn your love.
You’re my heart’s desire and all I think of.

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