*About having an honest epiphany about the world, your role in it, and deciding how you want to live your life when you see the world changing around you. The good and the bad.*


Who am I anymore?

What is this world today?


A hell of a trip.

I question more than I ever have.

To the right is the angel.

To the left is the gambler.


It becomes muddied further by the hour.

One side is warmth.

Light. Hope. Success.

Another is ice.

Darkness. Despair. Failure.

What defines either side is lost anymore.

Values shift. Reality changes.

What meant a lot may mean so little.

Relationships left torn and tattered.

New relationships are strengthened.

Which ones are worth saving?

One side is Sweet. Innocent. Purity. The dreamer.

The other is Callous. Guilty. Corrupt. The realist.

The world around me becomes more gray with time.

What is fidelity? What is chivalry? Is there a purpose in keeping either?

What is pleasure? What is pain? Does it still matter when they can feel the same?

Temptation exists. The satans are us.

We are our own adversaries.

So are we our own gods?

Could I really be a savior?

Do we really overcome?

Or is it all a cycle.

Some die. Some create life. Some are dead while they still live.

That’s not an option.

For me at least.


A hell of a trip.

But I won’t fall into their traps.

No needles to prick my veins.

No doctors to end a life I could create.

No reason to break character.

No reason to kill virtue.

No lover to even scorn anyway.

Is my world really changing?

Are things really that complicated?

Or are my eyes just open?

Is my mind awake?

There’s always a choice.

Continue the problem.

Or be your own solution.

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