*Since the last few things were sad lyrics I wanted to post something happier. About someone who leaves you awestruck every time you’re in their presence. You’re open when you wouldn’t have been with other people, and you really feel something deep.*

I hear my heartbeat with each step you take.
Being in your presence makes my soul quake.
It’s a struggle to look into your eyes.
It’s hard to trust after so many lies.
These broken promises and shattered dreams,
Left my sanity broken at the seams,
Until I was struck by your stunning light.
Now I long for you with each passing night.
Someone to care for and to truly trust,
Until my soul reverts back to stardust.
I’ll be yours no matter what you might do.
I’m taken to heaven when I’m with you.
Forever until the end of all time,
Being with you will always be sublime.

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