Each Moment

*Someone who makes you feel ways you haven’t felt in a long time. Every moment with them feels perfect and you wouldn’t trade those moments for anything else in the world. A declaration of sorts.*

Seeing you walk I want to grip those hips,

Just to pull you closer to taste your lips,

Just to gaze into your spellbinding eyes,

To finally free these caged butterflies.

You’re a truly masterful work of art.

You have captured every piece of my heart.

When I am with you time itself stands still,

In each tender moment and every thrill,

In each moment I see your perfect smile,

Time is eternal but always worthwhile.

I don’t know the last time I felt this way,

But when you’re here my troubles drift away.

Each morning and night you’re all I think of.

I would do anything to win your love.

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