*Loosely inspired by a song I love with the same title.  Since the last one I posted was very serious I decided to have some fun and write a love poem from the perspective of the “other guy” in someone’s relationship.  This one is about someone involved in cheating whether it is emotional or physical, and them rationalizing how no matter how “wrong” it is to other people that it’s worth it to them, and they can’t wait to really be the only person instead of the other person.*


I dream of your love when the shadows fall.

You’re in each fantasy that fills my mind.

Each night is a struggle when you don’t call.

Happiness comes when our souls are entwined.

The wickedness doesn’t matter to me.

Our sins are worth eternal damnation.

Looking in your eyes I see ecstasy.

You’re my beating heart’s most prized temptation.

As the days pass me by I think of you.

Each word you say relieves me of worry.

You give me hope that you’re finally through.

When I hold you my world isn’t blurry.

Immorality doesn’t taint our love.

You are the true love I’ve always dreamt of.


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