*Honestly I’m not sure where the idea came from to start doing this but I liked how I started off the poem and wanted to continue the theme of different weather-related things for a full sonnet.*


Your love is a tornado in my soul.

It’s the cycle of storms that make me whole.

Your love spellbinds me like a lightning bolt.

It shocks my heart like an electric jolt.

Your love is like the rain cleansing my heart.

Without you the deluge tears me apart.

Your love is a hurricane in my mind.

The absence of you leaves my heart behind.

Your beauty is the sparkling sunlight.

Your disapproval is the cold dark night.

Your acceptance is the calm summer breeze.

Your indifference is a harsh blizzard’s freeze.

You are the elements of love and strife.

You’re the four constant seasons of my life.

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