*Like another poem I wrote, this one talks about Koi No Yokan. It’s the feeling of meeting someone and knowing that at some point in life you two will fall in love with one another. (Not love at first sight). It’s just talking about how something about them seems special, and you know down the line that you’ll both see it within each other.

Koi No Yokan.

It’s the only phrase that reminds me of you.

When I first saw you I knew in that instant.

With one single glance that you would be mine.

Though our hearts may not be one,

They will be when all is said and done.

When these embers stoke into great flames.

When the passion burns like 1,000 suns.

You’ll know the moment.

We’ll recognize it together.

With a single gaze, or a single touch.

That moment when we connect in love.

When the sparks truly fly and our hearts take off.

I can’t wait until we have that day.

Because with you I know, you will be the one.

The true love I’ve desired.

The one to burn a frozen heart.

The goddess I’ll love with the rage of fire.

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