*About being afraid to make a move on someone you’re into and how it feels when you can’t seem to get it together enough to do it.*



All I see, all that surrounds me.

There’s no light in the black.

No rainbow in the dark.

There hasn’t been since I lost you.

I see you but I cannot speak.

I try but the words escape me.

Do you even notice how I struggle?

Do you see how you make me feel?

It’s not your fault I’m such a mess.

I could never gather the strength to face my biggest fears.

Of course they came to pass anyway.

Losing you in plain sight.

Watching you as I fade like a distant memory.

Becoming invisible in a pitch black world.

Now that the light of my love has gone.

Now that you’ve left, and I’m truly alone.

Lifeless like an empty shell.

A vessel wandering along a broken path.

A path leading me into the depths of an abyss.

An abyss,

of pitch black emptiness.

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