Enjoy The Silence

*About someone who makes you feel perfect just from being there. You don’t need to hear words or say any, just to see them. Seeing them makes everything perfect.*


I enjoy the silence when you’re with me.

There’s no need for words to set my heart free.

All I need is the perfect sight of you.

I have never seen a beauty so true.

I’m mesmerized by your hypnotic eyes.

I love you more than you can realize.

All I need is to catch your perfect gaze.

Your doe-like eyes will leave me in a daze,

Spellbound by your ethereal beauty.

I’ll love you like it were my sworn duty.

Words are meaningless when I see your face.

Just the thought makes my heart begin to race.

It is a race I never want to end.

Simply knowing you is a true godsend.

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